PanelGuides.com is an alarm/security system industry resource provided free of charge and developed for one reason only, to assist alarm installers, monitoring stations & end-users.

The site is non-commercial, however it is sponsored by the Home Security & Management Company, a UL Certified Contract Central Station with over 30 years in the industry. HSMC is not your typical alarm monitoring station, this website being just one example of the numerous strides they take to better serve their customers, and the entire industry as a whole.

HSMC sponsored this site originally as a resource intended for it's clients, however due to increased demand and an overall lack of resources available from some manufacturers we thought it might be useful to others in the industry.

Aside from the occasional link, or special offers for registered community members, you will never be inundated with our sponsor's marketing on this website. In the end, more resources available to alarm/security system installers, and better educated end-users benefit the entire industry.

Being part of the alarm industry we are painfully aware of how hard it is to find alarm/security system guides for both installers and end-users. There are many manufacturer sites, sometimes you can find what you need, sometimes it is near impossible.

There is also a growing number of non-manufacturer sites charging fees to provide these alarm system guides. This site will never charge fees for these alarm systems and control panel guides, we provide them with the sole intention of being a helpful resource for alarm installers and end-users.

Please note that we are not trying to circumvent the applicable manufacturer support services, we are here for the times that you cannot find the alarm system and control panel guides through the traditional avenues.